Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 7 05:00

Arrived Bagram 13:00 20-06-11. We were greeted by heavy snow which made it even less inviting. Initial orientation by ISI provided us with site rules and regulations. The 6 of us are provided base housing which serves ISI. It appears to be a former Soviet structure, all concrete with thick exterior walls.    Our accomodations fall somewhere between summer camp and Belushi's Tri Delta Fraternity house, bunk rooms for 2-4 are semi private. The showers are hot and reasonably clean. Those of us whose time clocks are off are sitting in the common area watching the Peas perform the half time show on a large plasma tv. It is nice to work for an electrical contractor that cares for it employees. ISI is know as one of the better employers on base.

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