Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb 20 21:00

The weather is improving as is my health. 10 day flu, yikes. Sunny today with temperature around 60, it feels like spring. I spend the one day off doing laundry, shopping at the bazaar, and exploring the base. New job duties include mobilizing materials for TFI. Materials shipped by C17 freighter arrive on Air Force pallets and sent to the Army laydown yard. From there, European and US standards material are separated and repacked into 20' cargo containers. My partner and I work with Sgt. Terstreip who is an IBEW wireman and reservist from Tucson. Days go fairly quick yet leave time for daydreaming. For the first time in years I have idle time to sit and ponder. Often, distant memories come back for no apparent reason, either I have lost another screw or the lack of pressure and stress allow the mind to roam freely. It is a strange and pleasant phenomonon. I think that in a way, my passion for current events, politics, and being connected, led to stress that I was unaware of. The stock market, unemployment reports, political bickering, trade deficits, global warming, so much generally depressing information and news- gone. Mostly. News is seen here in measured doses generally, and brought to us by the Armed Forces network. AFN is non-partisan and broadcasts shows from the entire spectrum.

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