Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21 21:10

De-mining in progress. Quadrants are developed and each square inch of soil is excavated by hand. Every piece of metal is removed which in addition to mines and unexploded ordinance can also include the buckles, buttons and weapons  of Soviet soldiers where they fell. 108 today on the first day of summer.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20 18:45

Greg, Dave and I at the convoy drop off point at Bagram. Dave is on his way to Kabul which is about an hour drive south of here. Fathers Day

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17 18:30

Yikes! another in a long line of death traps. Try counting the code violations in this home made panel. Breakers bolted in wherever they fit, this is one of ten thousand meltdowns waiting to happen. Imagine how many of these have simply exploded when the covers are opened. This is one example of why I am here.

June 17 19:10

This electrical panel was likely constructed by seebees. Cut up sections of ground rod are used for electrical bussing and the feeder conductors from the generator are bolted on the ground rods. Branch conductors are then taped or wrapped around the ground rods to feed housing, lavatories and what have you. Check out the gas cans used to prop this baby up. The voltage across any two bars is anywhere from  230v to 380v. Imagine falling on top of this accidently! Optional cover is shown installed.

June 17 18:10

This concrete filled tire with posted sign serves to notify passers by that they may be walking on 13.8k cables (which are energized). In the U.S. we generally keep these cables on the top of telephone poles, completely out of reach. Notice the 300lb paperweight is sitting on the cables.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 18:20

Some of the workers at UXB de-mining camp. These fellows from Mozambique are always smiling and upbeat.

June 6 17:45

Photo prior to the dedication ceremony. The unexploded Soviet bombs at the bottom of the page are similar to those dug up routinely from the surrounding area. UXB is home to hundreds of specialists from Mozambique that spend their days de-mining around BAF. Their entire days can be spent wearing the "Hurt Locker" uniform, often in temperatures exceeding 110 degrees.

June 6 17:20

Co-workers at a dedication ceremony for the UXB DEFAC. This dining facility was named for an airman that worked in the Explosives Ordinance Divison. Senior Airman Michael Buras was killed by an IED while clearing ground for fellow troops. The event was broadcast home for his family to see.

June 5, 16:55

Tovar (L) my co-worker is from Atlanta, Tony Johnson, Grid Supervisor is from Birmingham. Great guys and I am glad to work with them. Both men worked for ISI in Iraq. Tovar is my traveling companion. 100 degrees today.