Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15 19:10

Sick. Picked up the crud late last week and it has now turned into the mother of all head/chest colds with body aches. It is particularly challenging since the overnight low is 8F and we generally work outside. Medical support for contractors is non-existant with the exception of loss of limb or life threatening injury. A medical issue would require a flight to Dubai which could take days to arrange. A simple infection, untreated, could easily cost thousands. The motto here is "take care of your hands, feet, and teeth". The weather is generally clear with a few high clouds during the day. Daytime highs are around 50, it feels much warmer in the sun. It makes for plenty of facial color, and few have the prison pallor. In bed by 8 up at 5 looking for a productive cough instead of the current the death rattle.

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