Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10, 19:40

I am finally feeling human for the first time in a week. Up for 36 hours straight until last night. I am hoping for better sleep from here on out. I am certain the elevation is taking it's toll, I am told the additional red blood cells required at elevation take some time to generate. We will get used to it, most of the FOBs and COPs are higher, generally between 7,500-10,000'. The food may also be having an effect, it is salty and it's origin unknown. Containerized food can be from anywhere, labels appear to be written in Arabic. The raw fruit and vegetables are decent and readily available at Bagram, smaller bases with less access make do with less. I find it difficult to concentrate and often feel out of sorts, the day to day comfortable existance I enjoyed two weeks ago is gone. While sitting in the DFAC (dining facility) tonight, I was having my dinner alone while listening to Neil Young with my noise cancelling earbuds. I had the strangest feeling that I was living in a documentary starring me, directed by Rod Serling. I was surrounded by hundreds of strangers, many of them foreign (Italian, Bosnian, Egyptian, Finnish),  those that were not, were carrying assault rifles or hand guns as required by their jobs. The large screen in the corner featured Hannity doing an interview with Donald Rumsfeld. It felt surreal, after following the politics of the middle east for many years, I am now living them. It seems OK to be this far out of my element, and I am thankful for the opportunity. Thank you to my friend Alan Espy for showing me the door of perception.

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