Friday, January 27, 2012

January 26 2010

Soviet MIG graveyard at Shindand. Site of a new, under construction airbase in the west, this is a former Soviet base. A friend who traveled there on an expeditionary trip, the first US citizens to set foot here, described the half eaten meals left in place. The new base with extended runway and the ability to land large cargo planes is part of a massive expansion that triples this base in size and now allows for C117 to land there. This is an enduring base and second only in size to Bastion.
       Shindand is set to become the center of a Afghan flight training facility. Believe it or not folks, the US is on it's way to creating an Afghan Air Force. Just try for a minute to imagine how much that will cost. The illiteracy rate in the Afghan army is 90 percent and those are the best of the best we could find. Now, the US has found a few capable of flying helicopters and perhaps a few to maintain the helicopters we are providing.......    The dollars are stunning but no less then other obstacles we have overcome in this country. And, lets face it, what is it worth for a fighter base near the border of Iran? Practically priceless. Photo courtesy of IBEW member Tim Sullivan.

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