Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17 2100 Twilight Zone

Stencils on blast walls are everywhere. Whether these represent the company, battalion or their favorite cartoon character, guys take the time to build them and paint them up. A modern day Kilroy. Cold here at KAF, temps over night in the 30's and much better than Bagram where overnight lows are 10-15 (with fresh snow). Hold my spot, I'll be there in a couple of weeks. Rocket attack today managed to hit the sedimentation pond, take that you infidels.
     In other Mideast news, Syria continues to murder it's citizens by the dozens if not hundreds at a time Arab monitors are dumbfounded at this new development and not sure what to do besides observe. In a separate development, an official speaking anonamously says that Iran appears to be providing weapons to Syria in an effort to assist the crackdown.
     In Iran, another nuklear scientist is blown to bits, this, the fourth kill in five attempts. Clearly a high risk position. (sorry for the scientist and their family, they are pawns,). How does not the Ayatollah and Akmadinnerjacket understand that rogue nations with wackjobs for leaders DO NOT GET TO HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Help us out here Hillary, can't you just spell it out for these folks?
      Most important in my world, rumors of peace talks with the Taliban persist. This in spite of a recent video showing Marines pissing on dead Taliban. Locally, the Stars and Stripes headline reads " Taliban will not let offensive video derail peace talks". Unbelievable statement from a hard line Islamist movement. At first glance, this sounds like a North Korean style political maneuver. We'll see, I am hopeful, still.   

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