Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20 2012

Perhaps the first line of defense. Working dogs go through all vehicles prior to entering the base. In some cases they require an additional search like this guy. Entry control points (ECP) manage all traffic in and out of the base, vehicles sit for at least 3 days in a cool down yard. None of this prevents insurgents from trying to enter a base, 16 attempted incursions rumored in November alone. Tunnel, over the wall, embedded with local workers on base, hiding in cargo, the fact that bases are generally quiet speaks volumes about security and how effective the Army is at maintaining it.
       Outside the wall however is another matter. Today, a car bomb attempting to target a NATO convoy succeeded instead in killing seven civilians including 2 children. I felt the blast from one half mile which shook the building we were in and, left a mushroom cloud two hundred feet in the air. Eight others injured, all Afghan nationals. The Taliban accepted responsibility.
     On Wednesday, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded bazaar killing 13 and wounding 22. There may have been international troops killed in the bombing however none are confirmed at this time. This is continuing evidence that the Taliban has no regard for the Afghan populace, and, should serve to isolate Taliban from the citizenry. I am not convinced that it does, somehow, it seems that the ideals that the Taliban promote including sharia law, appeal to a segment of the male dominated population. In other words, in a country where women are often seen as property, what is to be gained by the international community promoting women's freedom and independence?  Perhaps little for the average man. He may have several wives and why give them any ideas.  Compare the personal freedoms for women in Saudi Arabia and those folks are 100 years ahead of the Afghans.
    We are planting thousands of seeds here, if only there was something to build upon. Sadly most of what these poor people had, has been bombed out of them by the Soviets, the Taliban, and now Pakistan's support of the Taliban. Hope is what we provide.

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