Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21 1950

Unfinished mansion on a hill in Kabul. No sign of life here during a fly by and who knows what halted progress on this magnificent structure. Security possibly, a warlord whose stolen cash source had run dry, or, the owners assassination. All possible. A city where, in spite of NATO's best effort and all the money coalition forces can throw at it, it seems no more safe than it was two years ago. Today, NATO coalition members meet in Chicago to decide in part the fate of this conflict. Locally, that meeting was celebrated by an Islamic "Holy Warrior" martyring himself at a police checkpoint. Identified as Abdul Haq, he was successful in killing ten including two children, seven civilians, and 3 police officers. Innocent civilians deaths are an acceptable loss for militants in this conflict.
       In other Islamic militant attacks, 90 killed today in Yemen at a military parade. Al Qaeda claimed responsiblity for the suicide bombing. Fifty five dead in Damascus suicide bombings last week, a sign that al Qaeda may have infliltrated the conflict.
       In an unrelated event, the Lockerbie bomber passed away in Libya,  family members of the 270 victims do not mourn his passing.

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