Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 12 1830

My friend Tredederia Runner and I at Camp Phoenix, Kabul. Temperatures today in the mid 70s with all quiet on the western front. Kabul security is challenging and the name is synonomous with random violence like car bombs, IEDs, and suicide bombers in crowded markets. As often as not, it is indiscriminate and random with innocent victims of all ages. It feels unmanageable and with roads often being black (unsecured and not passable), the security is left to ANA and ANP. Normal diplomatic movement is limited.
      Nine civilians were killed in a market bomb attack in the Ghormuch district today. Yesterday, a member of the High Peace Council was assassinated in Kabul. The former Taliban government official was involved in peace negotiations. He was shot in broad daylight while traveling through the capitol in his car. Two British soldiers were shot and killed in the Helmand province on Saturday. It was determined that the shooters were Afghan National Army Soldiers. Another insider shooting similar to many this year accounting for over ten percent of the lives lost by coalition forces. US Army losses can average one per day during the fighting season, a grim remimder that the war here is far from over.

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