Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5 20:50

This is so beautiful and tastefully done you would never know he is hauling black water. Sunny and 70 today. I am driving around the base working on an asbuilt of the overhead grid and happened upon this beauty. Notice the blossoms on the trees, they are similar to the cherry blossom. These trees are so ancient and decrepit that you wonder how there is anything alive inside of them. Many tourist come to photograph them.
     News flash for redneck pastors: Quran burning has a very negative effect on soldiers and peacekeepers in country. Two of my co-workers are leaving for Mazir E Sharif this week and are quite anxious. Flags fly half staff here.  

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zookd said...

Funny sometimes how one can find beauty even amongst challenges. Hello to you Arne. I've periodically checked up on you but have now found side time to stay truly connected. All my best to you and your family...Darlene Zook