Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1 19:30

One of the four or five bird species I see on base include these small doves. I am not a birder so these are my own observations. In addition to the doves, I see what appears to be a member of the starling family, brown in color with a distinctive white stripe on the wing. Also, magpies and chickadees are plentiful, and, I have seen the occasional raptor circling up high. I spotted a cat the other day skulking around the base and there is evidence of mice on the lower floor. Beyond that, there is little life outside of humans. Dogs, if they make it onto the base are generally shot, they are either part of a broken pack or have accidently made it through the wall. I have seen two spiders since my arrival, several flies, but no ants or other crawlers. Sunday, I found a small patch of grass and a half a dozen broadleaf but other than that, very little green. The surfaces on base are either -3" crushed rock, asphalt, mud, or one of the few sidewalks. I hope to see more once I move beyond these walls. Am told that the flies in western Afghanistan number in the trillions and that most live in the outhouses. I hope to go north from here.

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