Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6 1830

Typical transformer installation done by ISI. This provides buildings and camps with shore power and is a step towards removing one of the many generators providing spot generation on base. The installation of power plant with overhead and underground power supplies removes the burden and cost of servicing and fueling hundreds of generators. Hate to guess how many generators the US taxpayers have bought, 20,000 would not be unrealistic (at 50k-500k each before installation). It is worth noting that electrical service outside of NATO bases would be very unusual. What little there is, was probably installed or repaired by US funded contracts. This includes the much maligned Kabul power plant project. Two versions of that story here:


     Construction (and anything else) in a war enviornment is expensive. What makes things more challenging is the requirement that contractors use Afghan labor and contractors. Some are exceptional, others are poorly trained, inept, and corrupt.

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