Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11 1400

Crosswalk at airstrip. Green means go for pedestrians and armed crosswalk guards keep things moving. News this afternoon of  multiple civilian homocides by an US soldier is very unsettling. Multiple incoming on base this late afternoon is quite likely a response to that incident. News travels fast and the Taliban is certain to capitolize on this tragedy. Tomorrow will tell.
    This afternoon I watched an episode of the PBS documentary titled "Women War and Peace".    "Peace Unveiled"  described the effort by Afghan women to be heard in this country torn by decades of war. Both uplifting and depressing, it provides an insight into the politics of this tribal country and shows how perhaps only the women of this country can clean up after years of men making war. Recent developments in peace negotiations with the Taliban suggest that Karzai is willing to negate the womens role in order to work with the Taliban. Women in politics seem to be a deal breaker for the Taliban who would rather fight to the death than compromise Sharia law in this regard. It seems that culturally, many non-taliban countrymen agree. Women seeking to have their voices heard are often seen as a connection to the occupiers. Many women who dare to speak up are found dead particularly in the Kandahar province, birthplace of the Taliban. Pray for these women who risk everything for the future of their family and country.

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