Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3 1730

Fuel lines are a direct result of shortages created by the closure of Pakistan border crossings. After needs for generators, planes, and military vehicles are fulfilled, contractors line up for a share.  The closure means that much of what was transported by ship to Pakistan and then trucked into Afghanistan is now being flown into theatre from alternate ports including India (salt in the wound for Pakistan) and the former Soviet republics. Costs have spiraled from $20M a month to over $100M for shipping. For the average person on base that often means doing without snack items, chips and candy are the first to go. To my knowledge, the only thing produced for troops, in Afghanistan is bottled water. The border closure is a result of the late November killing of 24 Pakistani troops by NATO forces. Poor communication on both sides is blamed for the unfortunate deaths. Pakistan is demanding an apology for the NATO action.

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