Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5 1300

I am in Kandahar this week to meet my friend David. We are doing layout for overhead power on a border base. I feel like this place is the end of the earth with soaring daytime temperatures and dust so thick it obscures the sun at midday. Kandahar is a NATO base home to some 30k folks fighting the war on terror. Besides being fit for neither man nor beast, it is also the birthplace of the Taliban (long since routed from power here). Even so, many call this place home including a fair number of ISI employees. I am thankful for those that serve and work here, the conditions are extreme. The photo above is the camp we live in, stacked conex structures with a courtyard in the middle similar to the SeaTac Marriot.

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Anonymous said...

Arne, thanks for sharing your amazing experiences. You are missed back home, but I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something so profound.