Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15 2011

    I have returned to backwards world and much to my surprise the war is over. Packing my bags for Libya until the conflict in Yeman begins. Kidding-sadly, the number of civilian deaths this spring reached a new high for the 10 year war. Karzai's brother was killed last week and a follow up suicide bomber attacked mourners at the funeral killing 3 religious leaders and injuring many. The anxiety these killings create is intensified by talk of a drawdown and eventual withdrawal. The US withdrawal in 2004 (done to support the Iraq war) resulted in the execution of civilians by the Taliban. Those that previously supported the US in country were identified and done away with. Concerns by the locals are well founded. This country is a mess.

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Gary said...

Hi.Glad to see you made it back safe.Nice looking rodent!xxoo G