Sunday, May 8, 2011

MRAP  (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Caiman. 10 passenger that strikes fear in even the most stoned Taliban fighter. While not the largest, this one weighs in at 40k lbs, that's 8 Suburbans. The latest version comes with the Crow 2 weapons system that eliminates the need for soldiers to ride in the turret.  Much like operating a video game, it features a  body heat locator that allows troops to hunt insurgents day or night using 50 caliber, grenade launcher, or the M249 squad weapon. It's hard to miss one of these rolling by with a 4" tailpipe, they sound like a tank coming up on you. The bottoms are V shaped to deflect the IED charges that destroyed so many Humvees in Iraq. With roll flat tires these are designed to move out of ambush situations after roadside bombings. DOD has ordered over 10k of these spending billions to properly protect our troops.

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